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How Enterprise Signs Coordinates Sign Decommissioning Projects to Simplify the Exit Process.


The latest (pre-COVID) data from the Small Business Association indicates that 627,000 new businesses open each year, and about 595,000 close each year. Including mergers and acquisitions, which occur in every business sector every day.

For example, SunTrust and BB&T merged to form Truist Financial. With over 3,000 locations, Truist Financial will require new signage to portray the new brand.

On the opposite end of that spectrum, when businesses close down, a decommissioning or de-branding process occurs, adding complications.

Removing and disposing of one sign is sometimes a daunting task. Removing multiple signs from dozens or even hundreds of locations with limited time can seem overwhelming, as this was the case for one of our recent clients.

Decommissioning involves much more than just calling a General Contractor (GC) or handyman to “unscrew signs from the building” or to dig up ground signs.



A retailer was required to close 351 stores upon entering Chapter 11 bankruptcy and given only a 2-week window to decommission all locations across the United States.

With a vetted network of over 3,000 sign technicians, we were the ideal National Signage Partner to coordinate such a demanding project.

Decommissioning involves much more than just calling a General Contractor (GC) or handyman to “unscrew signs from the building” or dig up ground-signs.

As the pandemic continued and many facilities adapted to a “new normal,” some companies made drastic and difficult decisions about how they would reopen or perhaps close their stores permanently.

Illuminated signs require capping off existing electrical to render them safe. Depending on landlords and lease agreements, it may also be necessary to patch the holes in the building and paint just the spots or perhaps the entire fascia.

The final step to removing your signs is perhaps the most important since many signs contain toxic chemicals, such as mercury—the disposal of your signage matters based on local and national regulations.

When given a tough project of decommissioning multiple signs, on top of removing signs from several locations spanning the country, you need a provider that has a large enough geographical footprint to accomplish this project.

Geographical Footprint

The sign industry is estimated to be about $37 billion. According to the International Sign Association, there are over 7,000 sign companies in the United States.

Most signage providers are typically small businesses that service a small local footprint, like their adjoining city and surrounding areas. When given a challenging project of decommissioning multiple signs across a large geographical footprint, our experts have the experience and resources to bring it to a successful conclusion.

With nearly 30-years of sign industry experience, we have one of the largest networks of local sign technicians in the industry, covering all 50 states.

The example of a retailer closing 351 stores is a true testament to our commitment to make every detailed consideration during a massive decommissioning project.

If the retailer missed the decommissioning window, they would have to pay another month’s rent for all 351 stores. That adds up to a considerable sum of money at a time the client could least afford it.

The project spanned across 32 states and required 67 sign technicians, each responsible for multiple locations. The project’s success partly stemmed from our “war room/all-hands-on-deck” approach. From the customer’s perspective, they had one point of contact to keep them in the loop at all times as the project progressed.



Completed all 351 decommissioning locations


Decommissioning within the timeframe of only two weeks


1 Point-of-Contact for the entire length of the project

If you have a large regional or national store footprint, you need a sign partner that has experience managing national programs.

Enterprise Signs is an important extension of your team and brand whether you are growing the brand, consolidating the brand, or closing the doors.


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