How To Make On-Demand Repairs Less Demanding

By: Enterprise Signs


Any conversation involving signage repairs can, at times, become complicated and overwhelming. Still, one way of making sure you’re getting the most out of your maintenance program is making sure your signage partner provides the necessary balance between priority and cost.

Understanding the stakeholder’s interests is a positive sign to any reliable partnership whose sole business focus is on the act of helping you save your budget rather than burning through it.

Reactive vs. Preventative Repairs

When thinking of On-Demand Repairs, you typically think of breaks and damages that occur due to the main lighting controls malfunctioning or when damage occurs to your signs from severe storms as two examples.

Such repairs are considered ‘reactive’ and generally resolved through a dispatching response. However, there’s something important that you have to consider when dealing with your reactive repairs.

When your signage partner is interested in looking out for your best interests, they’re going to make sure you have all the proper preventative measures in place first to limit the number of reactive repairs you might need in the foreseeable future.

For instance, having your partner communicate the value of transitioning your signs from neon/fluorescent tubes to LED technology saves your repair’s budget because of its durable technology features.

Meaning, instead of spending $500 quarterly on a location, your trusted partner would recommend retrofitting towards an $1800 upgrade instead, receiving a possible ROI in less than 12-months.

Having this type of business relationship and communication on your side with your signage partner allows room for greater transparency and overall repair cost savings.

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How SLAs Impact Your On-Demand Repairs

As briefly mentioned before, when requiring any repair, your partner should have a streamlined dispatching system in place that’s easy to submit tickets through and that has a fast turnaround response time.

Importantly, you want to make sure that your partner’s dispatch aligns with your SLA’s (Service-Level Agreements) so your labor is matched with the best tech to serve it.

Having clear SLA’s and ensuring that your signage partner can deliver easy repair solutions through its supplier network is important when dealing with your on-demand repairs.

Your repair workflow trickles from the first point-of-contact, so if your partner fails to dispatch a tech that aligns with your SLA, this can impact your repair service’s outcome.

Can Your Partner Handle the Workload? 

Maintaining your signage repairs across your portfolio requires a partner that can support the process. When figuring out and deciding whom you want to partner with, remember it’s better to sign with a more significant partner who can support your entire portfolio.

The only downfall with connecting with a local signage partner may be their workforce size.

Let’s say your SLA has a 3-day turnaround, but your footprint includes more than 600 hundred locations needing a high-volume of on-demand repairs.

It’s next to impossible to source local companies to take on that amount of work within a short time. However, if that small firm has the confidence to take on your portfolio, you’ll soon realize you may spend more time and money on completing the job versus partnering with a larger firm with an extensive database of skilled technicians from the start.

It’s all about the right partnership and choosing the right fit for the job.

Remember, your signs will inevitably need some care along the way, but your repair process all depends on your SLAs, the dispatching workflow, and the type of connection you build with your partner.

You want to partner with a company that holds your best interests to heart by giving preventive maintenance steps in advance while having the labor to back your portfolio.

Put an end to demanding repairs. Stick with these guidelines, and you’ll make your way towards a more sophisticated maintenance program for your Brand.


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