New Logo Creative Process

By: Enterprise Signs

The Development Process

The Final Product


We’ve discussed the importance of creating a unique logo for your brand. The message in other blog posts was that your logo must derive meaning from your brand, not the other way around. Brands should have their own unique personalities and evoke certain emotions. You may not be a golfer or follow golf events, but the President’s Cup recently concluded with the US pulling out a nail biting victory over the International team. As reported on the PGA Tour’s website, let’s take a look at the creative process used by Ernie Els, the International team captain, to create a new team logo.

Key Challenge

The International team hadn’t beaten the US in 21 years. That 1998 victory was their only win in the entire history of the President’s Cup. Captain Els decided the International team needed a fresh identity, a rallying point. He wanted it to be more than just a logo. He needed something inspirational, something that would represent a team made up of players from four different continents. Els said, “When it gets down to the heat of battle, you want to really pull from something. Guys aren’t playing for their country. They are playing for one another. Our identity is our logo.”

Proposed Solution

Els and his graphic artist found inspiration from three elements:

  • Flags that symbolize both golf and patriotism
  • Shield to represent strength, security, and defense.
  • Celtic knot representing unity, faith, and loyalty

Roughly 40 iterations of the logo were evaluated. Eventually, Els found the design that touched him the most and it had taken nearly 6 months. There are elements of the logo that are still a secret. Only he, his staff, and players know. It’s another way of creating a bond within his team.

Lessons Learned

Before you embark on a brand refresh or rebranding, it’s important to understand that development of your logo, color palette, and other brand elements is both scientific and creative. Ernie Els was meticulous. The final product had to be perfect. The inspired International team held a commanding lead for most of the tournament. If not for last day heroics by the much stronger American squad, the Internationals, and their new logo, would have prevailed. How do you want your brand to make people feel?