Brand Refresh

Most businesses refresh their brand every 7-10 years. Refreshing doesn’t usually mean you change your company name. It typically involves restyling your logo, changing the color palette and/or font, and perhaps adding or modifying the tagline (if you have one).

Site Surveys

Answering the question, “Where are we now?” is essential to positioning the brand for the future. Visiting each store and photographing, measuring, and inventorying existing signs not only helps in the design phase but is essential to rolling-out the new image across the entire store footprint.

Graphic Design

Enterprise Signs offers full graphic design capability. It all starts with a discovery meeting, or perhaps a series of meetings. The best graphic design is both creative and scientific. The more we know about your company, customers, products, and services, the better we can help build a fresh new image that will endure for years.

Brand Book

Applying your new image to an entire family of signs is the next step for a brand refresh. Maintaining consistency across various sign types and sizes is essential to building a cost-effective brand.


Designing your new brand is a great start but Enterprise Signs will bring it to life. From securing sign permits to manufacturing and installation, we provide turnkey service to bring your refreshed brand across the finish line.

Brand Conversions

Converting all your signs from one brand to another is a complex undertaking. You need a sign partner that is experienced with hundreds of conversions and is intimately familiar with the necessary steps and pitfalls.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Acquiring other companies doesn’t just happen in banking, although that’s been a very active industry over the last 20-30 years. Many industries have active acquisition strategies that require converting one brand to another in a brief period of time. Enterprise Signs starts at the conversion deadline and works backwards to assign resources to ensure an on-time completion. Proper planning and scheduling are critical to creating the best road map to success.


Enterprise Signs’ robust supply chain of manufacturing and installation partners means you won’t be limited by your sign company’s internal capabilities. Whether you’re converting 50 or 500 locations, Enterprise uses our extensive network to manage any size conversion project. All while keeping you in the loop on program status and maintaining 100% accountability over the entire process.

Project Management

Like most construction projects, unexpected surprises happen along the way. Enterprise Signs’ experience and ability to adapt sets us apart from other companies with a cookie cutter approach. WE OWN IT and create long-term relationships with transparency and honesty. Our seasoned professionals work hard to stay several steps ahead and anticipate issues before they happen.


Federal Express became FedEx, ValueJet became AirTran, Kentucky Fried Chicken became KFC, and GMAC became Ally Financial. There are many reasons to rebrand such as strategic shifts, competitive threats, and product or service crises. If your company is considering rebranding your best option is to work with professionals, like Enterprise Signs, to help translate your brand narrative into a cost-effective and consistent corporate identity.

What’s in a Name?

Changing from one name to another is a complex and challenging undertaking. Whatever the reason for your rebranding, Enterprise Signs works with you to translate a logo and color palette into a family of signs that can be applied across your entire footprint.


Designs may look great on paper but how do they perform when the lights go on? There are many options for adding dimension to signs. Enterprise Signs provides options and trade-offs to keep you fully in charge of your image.


Engineering and prototyping your rebrand is a great start but Enterprise Signs will bring it to life. From securing sign permits to manufacturing and installation, we provide turnkey service to bring your rebrand across the finish line.

New Construction

Whether you’re opening 10 new locations or 1,000, you need a signage partner that meets your construction deadlines and provides consistency across the footprint. Enterprise Signs acts as a quarterback by directing resources when and where they are needed so you can focus on your customers at the grand opening.

What’s the Plan?

Every project is unique. Local sign codes dictate the size, location, and even materials for your signs. If you lease your buildings or spaces, landlords will also have a say in those same attributes. Working with your real estate and construction teams, Enterprise Signs creates detailed schedules for every project; factoring in permitting and landlord approval timing. Proactive planning is essential to meeting deadlines and hosting smooth, non-eventful, grand openings.

Project Management

It takes experience and a powerful tracking system to stay on task. Our team of sign specialists anticipate potential issues before they arise and make mid-course corrections when necessary. But even the most seasoned professionals won’t get the job done without a sense of urgency and passion for excellent customer service. At Enterprise, we don’t train those attributes into our project managers. We make sure that’s their personality via extensive testing and screening before they are even hired. Project management is literally part of our DNA.