Project Management is the Difference

By: Enterprise Signs


Are signs commodities? Every sign manufacturer has quality control processes and procedures that strive for zero defects. That’s not possible because fabricating signs, even with significant automation, is still very labor intensive. Ever see a video on attaching trim caps to channel letter faces? People make mistakes, equipment fails, and raw materials aren’t perfect either.

Key Challenge

How do you choose a signage partner if it’s not because they produce an obviously superior product? Project management capabilities are the difference. How can you tell if your signage partner’s project management makes the cut?

Proposed Solution

System- no matter how experienced and skilled the project management team is, they must have a robust system. Real-time access to code restrictions, site survey data, status reports, and internal/external communications is critical to keeping the project on schedule and within budget.

Test drive- ask your signage partner to take you for a test drive through a typical project. See what the project manager sees. How many locations are they managing at any given time? Can they set reminders for important tasks?

Accountability- every project should have planned and actual dates. Are they missing deadlines? It’s 2019 so they should provide online access to status reports.

Lessons Learned

If you give your detailed sign specifications to three different manufacturers and have them installed, even the most experienced sign engineer shouldn’t be able to discern any differences. Superior project management is what separates the best in class from the rest.