Repair & Maintenance

On-Demand Sign Repairs

We get it!  Your brand is important.  Signs are the most visible representation of your brand and may be seen by thousands of potential customers every day.  If your signs are not illuminating properly or are dirty and in disrepair, it reflects poorly on your brand.  It’s competitive out there!  Work with a national partner that has the resources and sense of urgency to properly maintain these important assets. 


Lights out? Storm damage? Hit by a truck? No matter the reason, since it affects your brand, we’re in a big hurry to get you up and running again. With thousands of local technicians, Enterprise Signs is never far away. Emergency response in less than 24 hours. Another day or two for normal repairs. Fixing it in one trip is always the goal.

Cost Control

Offering sign repairs on a time and material basis isn’t a blank check. Sure, costs are higher in certain parts of the country, but our experts are continuously monitoring costs against benchmarks to ensure the invoices you receive are fair. Transparency and honesty; they aren’t just empty words, they’re our promise.


Enterprise Signs provides nationwide coverage by connecting to most of the major 3rd party service platforms. Many of our clients use their own proprietary platforms. If none of that works, you’ll get the same fast response by calling, emailing, or using Enterprise Signs’ award-winning in-house platform.


We vet them so you don’t have to. You may not get excited about insurance coverage, bucket trucks, and number of crews, but we do. We also hold them accountable. Every local partner is rated and graded. We’re always looking for the best-of-the-best because you deserve it.

Preventative Maintenance

On-demand sign repairs are effective when recognized and reported. However, there are times when lighting outages and other issues aren’t noticed. Days or weeks may go by where an important asset is performing poorly or not at all. Periodic onsite visits by trained technicians will minimize these disruptions and potentially avert major liability issues.

Flexible Plans




Fixed Price

Signage Checklist

  • Lighting issues- replace faulty transformers, ballasts, fluorescent tubes, and neon.
  • Sign structure inspection- check for structural damage on cabinets, poles, and anchor bolts. Inspect for loose or broken faces.
  • Electrical inspection- confirm wiring and connections meet current codes and check for loose connections and preliminary signs of failure.
  • Clean signs- dirt, birds nests, bird droppings, spider webs.
  • Paint poles and cabinets- if showing excessive fading or wear.
  • Consider re-lamp program- a technician is already on site. Why not re-lamp pylons, monuments, and wall signs?
  • Time clocks or photo cells- signs may not be coming on at the proper time due to incorrect “on” time settings or faulty photo cells.