Signage Logos & Colors

By: Enterprise Signs


The University of Cincinnati conducted research in 2012 concerning the economic impact of signage. They found that 29% of shoppers make store choices based on information communicated by store signs. Before that number is dismissed as insignificant, be advised that retail sales in the U.S. is expected to surpass $5.5 trillion in 2019. 29% of that number contains a whole lot of zeros!

Key Challenge

Retailers spend millions every year calibrating their brand to control, or at least heavily influence, perceptions. A company’s logo may look very straightforward but the process behind its creation was probably tedious, prolonged, and expensive. A brand’s logo shape and color palette are designed to create certain feelings and emotions. You want to make sure they are the desired emotions.

Proposed Solution

Your company’s logo and colors should make it easier to find and recognize your stores. Many companies design their logos for one-dimensional printed or electronic purposes: magazine ads, business cards, letterhead, social media pages, etc… Signs are three-dimensional and may be internally illuminated with LED’s, neon, or other lighting sources. When you flip the switch on your signs, for example, with PMS 470C matched to the corresponding vinyl and 4000K LED’s, is it going to look the same as your business cards?

Lessons Learned

A certain PMS color can look much different depending on the substrate, application method, and lighting. Do your homework and get your sign partner involved early in the process. A perfect match is mostly science, but a little art as well.