The Battle for unique Logos

By: Enterprise Signs


Creating a unique logo is not for the faint of heart. An effective logo should be visible and distinguishable on a billboard from hundreds of feet away on an interstate at 70 MPH. It should also look great close-up embroidered on a t-shirt. A great logo will be balanced, simple, timeless, memorable, and unique.

Key Challenge

Is that an impossible task? Obviously not, as some of the best-known logos come to mind.

Your logo must derive meaning from your brand, not the other way around. The world’s best brands are not memorable because of their logo, they are acclaimed for the people and vision they represent. To do that you must first know the brand. Brands have personalities, or at least they should. Is it a softer brand or a tough brand in terms of its tone?

Proposed Solution

Whether you’re a new business or a 100-year-old enterprise, remember that if your logo is too blatantly obvious, like an image of a car for a car dealership, the viewer will feel no sense of discovery. Too much abstraction is dangerous because your message can be lost. The colors and images used in your logo should align with your business and products and services you deliver.

Lessons Learned

A logo is a flag, a signature, a street sign. You don’t start with a logo and build a business around it. It’s the other way around. With the right logo, you’re communicating your brand’s values and purpose. Viewers should get the message at the first glance.